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Woraburi Ayothaya Convention Resort, Ayutthaya

Best in Ayutthaya

Отзыв добавил(а) Tom Scott , Belgium • 19 July 2007 00:03
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If you are in any way into temples and cultural sights, then Ayutthaya is just like being in heaven. There is so much to see it would not be possible to visit all sights within one day. It is perfect for a weekend trip to do some cultural sightseeing and enjoy the great natural setting and stay in best hotel at Woraburi Ayothaya Resort, best service and friendly staffs.

1. Цена-Качество


4. Еда/Питание

2. Расположение


5. Состояние отеля/Чистота

3. Удобство и качество номера


6. Работа персонала отеля

1 Отзывы

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