Thailand Public Holidays

Makabucha Day
25 February 2013
National Buddhist Holiday

It came from the day when 1250 disciples from the Lord Buddha gathered to listen for the Dharma speech after Buddha's enlightment. All the Temples have the ceremony of giving gifts to monks and in the evening followers of Buddhism are walking around the most important Buddhist Temples.

Chakri Day
06 April 2013

This public holiday commemorates the Chakri dynasty. The current King is the ninth King of the Chakri dynasty. A Royal ceremony is performed by the King to pay respects to King Rama I the Great, the founder of the Chakri Dynasty.

Songkran (Traditional Thai New Year)
13-14-15-16 April 2013

The "SONGKRAN" festival happens in the hot season in half of april. This festival happens in all Buddhist "THEREVADA" countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma.

National Labour Day
01 May 2013

The first day of May is a public holiday commemorating the workers.

Coronation Day
06 May 2013

This public holiday is a day to commemorate the coronation of King Rama IX.

Visakabucha Day
24 May 2013

This day is a Buddhist public holiday. This day commemorates the birth, the enlightment and the death (entry into the nirvana) of Buddha. Temples through the country are crowded with people listening to sermons about Dharma (Buddha's teaching) and in the evening there is a candlelit procession around the main building of the temple containing the Buddha statues.

Asalhabucha Day
22 July 2013

This day commemorates the first sermon of Buddha to his five first disciples. So this day is sacred because it deals with Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. There are also colorful candlelit processions.

H.M. The Queen's Birthday
12 August 2013

This public holiday is the day of all the mothers of Thailand. Especially H.M. The Queen Sirikit, the mother of all Thai people. On this day all the buildings of Thailand are covered up with decorations and images of H.M. The Queen.

Chulalongkorn Day
23 October 2013

This is a public holiday day to commemorate the Rama V or Chulalongkorn wise reign over Thailand. Thanks to him, Thailand did not become a French or English colony even if Thailand lost his leadership over Laos, Cambodia and the northern provinces of Malaysia. During his reign, Thailand became a modern country.

H.M. The King's Birthday
05 December 2013

This public holiday is the day of all the fathers of Thailand. Especially the King Rama IX, the father of all Thai people. This day is the birthday of the current Thai King. All the buildings of Thailand are covered up with symbols of the monarchy and the King.

H.M.The King Birthday is the holiday when all people can express their feelings to the Monarch. There is a big celebration on Sanam Luang Square, thousands of people are getting together to sing the song devoted to H.M. The King . The celebration finishes with a great colorful fireworks.

Constitution Day / National Holiday
10 December 2013

Since 1932 Thailand is a democracy. Before 1932, Thailand was called Siam and was under the total rule of the King. Some say that Thailand is even a better democracy since army is far from direct power (1992). The king has still some power, but just a moral power over Thai people, who worship him for all its kindness and goodness. Thailand is like England: a King with no real power, a government rules the country and no president. This public holiday is the day to commemorate Thai constitution.

New Year's Day
31 December 2013 - 1 January 2014

The Celebration of the New Year in Thailand is accompanied with traditional Thai ceremonies which begin in early morning with giving presents to monks and ends with people's common celebration.

Festivals in Bangkok
Loi Kratong Festival.

This beautiful holiday takes place throughout the whole Thailand ion the full moon of 12th lunar month, when moon shows up in its whole glory. The meaning of this celebration - is to ask for forgiveness from Mother River. People let little boats, which are made of banana leaves in the shape of a lotus are filled in with coins, flowers and lit candles, drift with the current as a sign of atonement. This festival takes place on the River Chao Praya in Bangkok and other canals. Hotels, which are located on the banks of the river, are organizing special events regarding this celebration.

Thai Beer Festival
Every year all the Thai brewers come together for the Thai Beer Festival. During this festival you can buy and try lots of different Thai dishes, barbeque, and, of course, beer. In addition to this, there are lots of cultural and musical entertainments are taking place. Tourists can take part in this festival near the Central World Plaza shopping mall and other different areas of the city.

Trooping of the colors
Early December

This event is held in early December a few days before H.M.The King's birthday on the 5th of December.
The palace guards, attired in bright, colored uniforms parade up and down. They march past the members of the royal family, pledging their loyalty to the monarch.
The impressive event takes place in the Royal Plaza in Dusit, near the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn.

Royal Ploughing Ceremony.
The beginning of May

This is an ancient Brahman ritual which takes place on Sanam Luang Square. This ritual is conducted to predict the quality and abundance of the future rice crops. Lots of different ceremonies are being held on this day with the participation of high-rank workers from the Ministry of Agriculture, who are taking on colorful national costumes. This ceremony also signifies the beginning of the rice season.

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